Why the world needs another travel blog

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Another unrealistic, idealistic, candy land montage of tumblr-esque photos portraying the quintessential “Wanderlust” life that you must embark on to attain peace and tranquility all while achieving the highest level of nirvana. This will not be that, I promise. (Trust me, I already have the replica of that exact self-gratifying blog: being-dee.tumblr.com #ShamelessCrossMarketing). However, I can not guarantee that this blog will not have the following:

  • Beautiful, original photography of the places I have traveled to which may or may not be Instagram worthy.
  • Interesting encounters with people of different cultures that may or not fit the kind of stereotypes they make lists about on Buzzfeed.
  • Unique recounts of my travel experiences with possibly some newly added perspective of a city you’ve already been to or heard about (Step 1: Google “Most Blogged About City In the World”, Step 2: Ask me if I live in New York City, Step 3: I say yes, Step 4: I beg you not to stop reading my basic blog every time I mention New York City*).
  • Humbling, embarrassing and hilarious anecdotes which definitely define me (But not that embarrassing because, you know, the internet).
  • A whole lot of unnecessary, unwarranted sarcasm.

There may also be the occasional quote, gif or cliche just to accurately convey the feels I unfortunately catch when there’s something viral in the air (Or when the weather is bad; It’s New York City**, the weather is always bad).

Last but not the least – while I have traveled a significant amount in my short lifetime, I am in no way an all knowing prophet that can or should give solutions to travel dilemmas. As you will read on, the world wide web has saved my rear end when it comes to the best hotels, restaurants and activities to partake in. Also, I get by with a little help from my friends (Cue The Beatles).

Let’s get this show on the road!


*Warning: The next blog post will be about moving to New York City. Please don’t leave me.
**I’m sorry.


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