New York, New York – The city’s so nice, they named it twice!

Apart from the cliche title to this post and of course, the cliche city that this post is about (Come on, can we really escape the stereotypes that define us?), I did not have the cliche reaction to my move to the big city. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited beyond words to be living in the most populated city in the country. But boy was I in for a surprise when I moved last August during the brink of a heat wave and was faced with not only desperate apartment hunting students and broken air conditioners, but also stolen iPhones, irrational landlords and falling up the Subway stairs. (Yes, it happens. Don’t judge me. And if you haven’t ever taken an uptown train downtown or vice versa, you’re lying.)

With great struggle comes newfound opportunity and as they say, when one door shuts another opens (Or in this case, the door is broken down by the FDNY when the pizza place’s oven under your apartment catches on fire).

That being said, New York City has some fabulous activities to do and gorgeous places to visit. Here’s my top 5 for the spanking brand ‘New’ New Yorker:-

If you hate Pizza, are you even real?
There are probably as many $1 pizza places in the city as there are tourists at Times Square (Speaking of TS, don’t go – it’s a trap!) but 2 Bros is a local favorite with the students in the area. A simple Google search of the same will help you find a worthy pizza slice near you or you could just walk down any street and open your eyes.

2) Central Park


Go ice skating in the winter, swing at the park in the fall, have a picnic in the summer or just cycle during the spring. Do it all and don’t forget to take #InstaWorthy pictures for the gram.

3) Cheesecake at Junior’s, Desserts at Spot & Red Velvet Cake at Sugar Factory

People will definitely argue with me on this. I have a very selective taste in anything sweet so I wouldn’t take any offense. I also haven’t been to as many dessert places as I would have liked. To be fair, NYC churns out new restaurants and bars on the daily.

Just take a look at this beauty, though.

4) Watch a Broadway show, Go to Museums & Walk down the High Line

Lion King is a must but if you’ve seen that, there are a plethora of other musicals to go to


Depending on how much time you have, make sure you see at least a few exhibits at The Met, The MoMA and The Whitney.

5) Halal Carts, Everything Bagels, and Coffee

Nothing says New York like the aura from Falafel sandwiches, too much cream cheese and the hot steam from a freshly brewed cup of Joe.



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